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Welcome to Sarah Percival’s home page

About me

I am a TEAM-UP postdoc at Michigan State University in the department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. My research involves using topological data analysis to study protein folding as part of a collaboration with PIs Dan Chitwood, Alex Dickson, Liz Munch.

Research Interests

You can find my CV here


I am co-organizing a workshop at SoCG 2023 on Mobius Inversions and Reeb Spaces.

Graduates Achieving Inclusion Now

Interested in hearing from current and recent graduate students on what your department can do to be more inclusive? Check out the videos from the Graduates Achieving Inclusion Now conference.


Professional Memberships



I strive to make my research available to all. I am currently in the process of creating screen-reader accessible versions of my papers, and welcome any input and feedback on making my website and research more accessible.